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What is seller due diligence?

Sellers have a myriad of questions before, during and after the sale.  Understanding the type of information the buyer will request will help prepare you for the process.  Just as your practice is unique in the marketplace, no two buyers are exactly the same.  The buyer profiles can be divided into four distinct categories: the sole practitioner buying a practice for themselves, the practitioner(s) who are looking to add a second practice, the practitioner purchasing additional practices for his small group and a DSO.

Our Due Diligence Team will prepare the seller for the questions and documentation  that each type of buyer would be requesting.  After working with hundreds of buyers and sellers over the past 20 years, our consultants have developed a highly detailed checklist. The Seller Protection Checklist was designed to guide the seller and the Due Diligence Team toward identifying the right path to a successful sale. Using the results of this survey, your Due Diligence Team will work with you to create a Action Plan specific to your practice sale.


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Dental Due Diligence is a dental consulting service provided by the Cutting Edge Practice dental management & dental appraisal professionals with more than 26 years of dental experience.  Our due diligence team will provide a customized approach to analyzing your dental start-up or dental practice purchase opportunity.   Our combined experience and expertise in the clinical, financial, marketing, consulting and staffing areas of dental practice start-up and dental practice acquisition make us uniquely qualified in the industry.  Our team provides a variety of other dental consulting services including start-up consulting, practice transition consulting, marketing consulting and staff training on-line or in-office.  Review our extensive portfolio……

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